Our business specialises in the production of wooden dowels assembly. This experience allows us to deliver a quality product for the assembly of kitchen cabinets and closets.



At Red Beryl, we always guarantee our customers the best price in the market!

40 PSI Pressure:

Enhancing our customers experience is been always our ultimate goal. Therefore, we apply 40 Pounds per Square Inch to all the cabinets we make in order to ensure the durability of our products.

Height Adjustable Kitchen Cabinets

This is a highly functional design option that allows for easy to use cabinets. Adjust the height of your kitchen cabinet to your comfort level. It also protects your cabinet from any water damage.


5/8 Thick

At Red Beryl, we choose every material we use throughout our manufacturing process with care. Therefore, you will find all our cabinets are made of wood with 5/8 thickness to guarantee durability and long lifetime.

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